Caregiver Doors

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  • Caregiver Doors
  • Caregiver Doors
  • Includes Shower Rod And Curtain
  • Extra Wide Compensator
  • Caregiver Doors
  • Caregiver Doors
  • Includes Shower Rod And Curtain
  • Extra Wide Compensator
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Caregiver shower doors or caregiver shower curtains are half-high doors that allow a caregiver to bathe a loved one or patient from outside the shower.  Caregiver shower doors help define a private yet accessible bathing space, and they allow an assistant to lean over to help the bather without getting soaked from shower spray. Caregiver shower doors can be installed with a shower curtain rod and shower curtain to increase options for bathing privacy and assistance. 

Key Benefits

  • Panels create a more private showering experience
  • PET plastic panels are shatterproof and long lasting
  • At 29-1/2" high, doors permit easy access to bather by a therapist or bathing assistant
  • 180 Degree hinges allow doors to swing in and out easily, maximizing flexibility and safety
  • With several door widths and a compensators available, most alcove showers can be accommodated
  • Handle lock each door panel, but give way to the force of a fall, thus protecting the bather from greater injury
  • Magnetic strips at door joints and gaskets at the bottom of each door provide outstanding water retention
  • Frames, hinges and handles are well constructed of durable aluminum and plastic to with stand daily use for many years
  • Includes shower rod and curtain

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Warranty Information

For all other AKW products installed in a domestic environment and used by a single residential family or occupancy group, AKW offers a conditional 10-year warranty against product material and manufacturing defects. Where the product is installed in a public or residential care environment, use is more frequent; as a result, AKW offers a conditional 5-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects for these installations.
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