EZ Bathe Inflatable Bathtub

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The EZ-Bathe Inflatable Bathtub allows bed bound or invalid patients to enjoy bathing the way it's meant - soaking wet! The EZ-Bathe enables care givers to give patients a bath or shower without leaving the comfort and safety of their bed. The reinforced 22-gauge antimicrobial vinyl tub with its new streamlined design is longer and deeper. The inside dimensions of the inflated tube are 71"L x 31"W x 13 1/2"H to accommodate individuals up to 6' 2" and fits all beds. The hand-held shower connects to a tap up to 25-feet away. The drain hose (leading to bathtub, sink or toilet) has an on/off valve, so can be turned off for a long soak or left on for constant draining in a shower mode. The drain hose and vacuum, both included in the accessories bundle, empty the tub thoroughly.


  • Inflate use and drain the tub all while on the bed
  • Streamlined, double tube design to prevent splashes and spills
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Wet dry vaccum with hoses included (vaccum inflates, deflates and drains bathe)
  • 25' hose with hand held shower
  • 25' reinforced drain hose with on/off valve
  • 22 - gauge antimicrobial vinyl


  • External Dimensions: 83" Long X 42" Wide X 13" Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 71" Long X 31" W x 13 1/2" Deep


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Warranty Information

1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer
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