Tilting Commode Shower Chair

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Sit Back and Relax, We Made This Chair Just for You. Built with Handicare quality, the Tilting Commode/Shower Chair features 30 degree tilt adjustment by gas spring. The textile back and headrest surfaces are stretched tightly and firmly attached to the frame, providing comfortable and ergonomic support.


  • Stainless Steel Construction – stable, secure, rust resistant and hygienic; suitable for wet environments and built to last
  • Powder Coated Frame – protects from water, chemicals and physical damage
  • Compact – designed to fit into most wet rooms and doorways
  • Polyurethane (PUR) Seat/Armrests – soft, durable and anti-slip
  • Concave Adjustable Headrest – alter the height and depth for optimal patient head support and comfort
  • Height Adjustable Footrests – loosen tension knobs on each side the slide to desired height; swing away or remove when needed during transfers; includes calf support strap.
  • Textile Support Surfaces – plastic-coated polyester material wipes clean with ease and quickly conforms to the patient’s body temperature
  • Safe/Hygienic Design – rounded corners and smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean do not catch or jab
  • Hinged Seat – lift up for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Fold-up Armrests – ideal for assisted side transfers
  • Maintenance-Free 5 inch Double-Braked Casters – designed not to collect dust and lint, wide diameter rolls easily over cracks and transitions in flooring; foot locks on each caster keeps chair still when needed.
  • Available in coated stainless steel white only
  • Lumbar support and calf strap included
  • Can be placed over toilet
  • Engineered for patients weighing up to 330 lbs (150 kg)


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Warranty Information

Manufacturer warrants all its products and services, to the original purchaser, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and will operate substantially in conformance to Manufacturer's or Manufacturer's suppliers published specifications, for a period of Two (2) years from the date of shipment to original purchaser except for: -One year warranty - For cushion covers for shower seats and neoprene parts -In no event shall Manufacturer have any obligation to make repairs, replacements, or corrections required in whole or in part as a result of: -Normal wear and tear -Accident or disaster -Misuse, fault or neglect of or by purchaser -Use of products in a manner for which they were not designed or operation of product beyond capacity -Causes external to product such as but not limited to power failure or electrical power surges -Parts damage due to improper installation -Use of product in combination with equipment or software not supplied by manufacturer -Standard Manufacturer Terms & Conditions are applicable for Warranty of this product.
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