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RF Transmitter 900 MHz - Two Button

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The ENFORCER 900MHz HL-series RF transmitters and receivers use digital modulation for improved immunity to interference, better signal penetration in environments with heavy obstructions, and significantly longer range of up to 1,800ft (550m)* line of sight. The transmitter's ultra-low power consumption gives you longer battery life with easy to obtain coin-type batteries (CR-2032).

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  • 917MHz Frequency†
  • Digital Modulation – Improved immunity to background interference
  • Armor-Piercing Technology – Improved penetration of physical obstructions
  • Over 2.028x1031 (20.28 nonillion) possible codes to thwart code crackers and potential for duplicate codes
  • Pocket-Sized – IP68 Waterproof, up to 10-years battery life‡
  • Available with one or two buttons – for one or two channels
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