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About Us

About Us

Why We Are Here

Our knowledge is what makes unique.  The products we carry are available from a variety of retailers, but it is the hands-on advice, knowledge and personal assistance that sets our company apart.  Helping people attain the lifestyle they wish through innovative mobility and accessibility solutions is how we measure real success. Focusing on people first assures us success in business, at home, and in our community.

Who We Are is owned and managed by a team of seasoned medical professionals with years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our team’s experience includes orthotics, prosthetics, patient care, assisted living management, nursing care, handicap accessible remodeling, web medical sales, as well as work in retail, online service and customer service.

Outstanding customer service coupled with quality products and prompt delivery is the basis of our business philosophy. To that mix we add the knowledge that allows us to help our customers find solutions for the challenges they face.

A Company You Can Trust

In today's environment with countless online retailers, our customers want the confidence of knowing who they are purchasing from, and the legitimacy of that business.  As a Better Business Bureau Member, you can rest assured that we are held to high ethical business standards.

A Company that Cares

While CareProdx reflects the items we carry, it also reflects our values. We genuinely care about our customers’ needs, and work to give them the best service we can.

We care about our team, and place family first. We are also committed to our community and the world around us. From mercy assistance and outreach work right here in our city, to sponsoring children and supporting education abroad, our team is committed to helping others. 

When you use for your medical equipment needs, you lend a helping hand not only to your loved ones or your customers, but you also help a hurting world.  Our regular missions trips to Uganda in support of orphans and the poor is just one example of how your business assists us with the mission of bring the good news to the widows and orphans of this world.

We invite you to call and chat with us during the week, just to get to know us a little better. 

Thank you for shopping with us, we appreciate your business. is owned and operated by:

Medilow, Inc. 

11807 Allisonville Road, Suite 161

Fishers, IN 46038

Phone: 800-413-3302



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