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Comfort Grip Grab Bars - Blue

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What’s in a strong, comfortable grab bar? Comfort Grip Grab Bars have a thick-walled aluminum core surrounded by a white, blue, or gray cover that remains warm to the touch even when wet, and, due to its fluting, provides excellent “gripability” to ensure peace of mind and steadfast confidence.

Fluting consists of slim ridges and grooves, which fit the hand very well and naturally anchor a person’s grip. Water quickly runs off the ridges, leaving a mostly dry surface for a safer, more secure handhold.

Comfort Grip Grab Bars are available in all the customary straight lengths, two popular angled models, and two versatile kits for alcove and corner shower applications (and each kit is expandable with the addition of Extension Bar Kits). All models conform to ADA requirements.

  • 419 lb. static load capacity when properly mounted
  • Aluminum core surrounded by a fluted, UPVC cover
  • Fluting provides a very grippable surface, even when wet
  • 1¼" dia. grips
  • 1½" distance between grips and wall
  • Water sheds from the ridges to give hands a dry, textured surface to hold
  • Escutcheons cover all fasteners
  • Meets all ADA standards
  • Color options permit bars to blend in or offer high contrast to surrounding decor


  • Colors: Straight grab bars are available in white, gray and blue; angled grab bars are available in white and blue; Alcove, Corner, and Extension Grab Bar Kits are available in white.
  • Composition: Aluminum core, UPVC grip cover and brackets.
  • Diameter of grip area: 1¼″
  • Distance from wall to grab bar: 1½″
  • Load capacity: 419 lbs. (grab bars must be properly fastened to blocking that is securely installed in or on the wall).
  • Fastener requirements: Grab bars must be mounted to substantial, well-secured blocking, usually of 2x solid wood (toenailing is not sufficient; use cleats or notch blocking into studs), though brick, concrete, or concrete block can also be suitable mounting materials; use #10 round head fasteners or hex head fasteners (do not use flat head type fasteners); use stainless steel fasteners in wet area installations; each fastener must be capable of withstanding 77 lbs. of pull-out force; the length of fasteners will depend on the distance to drive them deeply into an appropriately reinforced mounting material capable of supporting the load; drive a properly sized fastener into every mounting plate pilot hole to achieve the full load rating. 

Notes: Recommended for interior installations only; made of 100% recyclable materials.

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Typical Dimensions: (12" Grab Bar Details)





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