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Preferred Shower Chair Seat Height

One of the comments we hear on a regular basis is, "I don't know what seat height I need".  And yet seat height is a critical measurement and when it's not right, it can render your shower chair practically useless.

Hear are the factors that a person should consider when trying to choose the right rolling shower chair seat height.

1.  Will the user be transferring from a wheelchair or bed to their rolling shower chair?  If that is the case, in all probability you will want to choose a shower chair with a very similar height.  Transferring to different heights often make the job much more difficult.  If you are using a transfer board, a level transfer can be critical.

2.  Will the rolling shower chair be rolling over a toilet?  If that is the case, the seat height of your chair may well be determined by the clearance needed to get over the toilet bowl.  At all of our shower chairs contain the "toilet clearance" dimension in the specifications.  Remember to measure your toilet, with the existing toilet seat up.

3.  Is there a comfortable seat height the user likes with their current wheelchair?  This can be a real key to picking the correct chair.  It's the simplest answer to the question.  What seat height are they using now.  

Call our customer service line at 800-413-3302 if you need assistance selecting your shower chair.  We sell thousands of chairs each year and our team are experts at helping.

1st May 2024 Mark Taylor

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