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Choosing A Handicap Door Button

Choosing the right door button (actuator) can be quite confusing.  Here are a few tips to help.

TYPES OF ACTUATORS (Push Plates or Buttons):

Direct Wired:  Our direct wire push plates contain a low voltage wire that must be connected to the contacts in the door opener motor housing.  These wired actuators should work with just about any opener.  Running a new wire can be difficult but also offers the best opportunity for good communication with the opener. Replacing an existing wired actuator is easy, you simply connect the wires in the new box to the existing wires that go to the opener.

Wireless:  Our wireless push plates and buttons offer the most convenient installation.  Because they send a signal to a receiver inside the motor housing, these push plates can be mounted just about anywhere within 50 feet of the door.  However, each brand of door opener uses a proprietary signal to communicate with their opener.  Some brands use 300 Mhz, some use 310 Mhz, some use 318 Mhz and so on.  

You must determine the frequency signal used by your existing opener prior to purchasing a wireless actuator, otherwise the chances of it working for you is highly unlikely.

Wireless Solution:  Our wireless conversion kits include a receiver and two transmitters (push plates or buttons) that can replace the existing receiver in the motor housing.  This will insure that the new buttons will communicate with the opener.  This solution is often the easiest and the most cost effective way for a non-working system to be repaired, when the problem is between the actuators and the receiver.

Retrofit Solution:  Our wireless conversion kit is an excellent solution for replacing a direct wired system that is no longer functioning.  The receiver can be wired to the motor and sits in the motor housing and the wireless push plates can me mounted wherever it is convenient.

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