MEGACODE 318MHz Instructions

The MegaCode series of digital receivers are wirelss radio controls designed for use with automatic door openers.  The MegaCode radio format provides unparalleled security.  The transmitter and receiver can be programmed to more than a million different codes.  MegaCode receivers and transmitters do not contain a typical "coding switch".  Each transmitter is pre-set at the factory to a unique code.  The receiver is programmed by sending a signal to it from the transmitter(s) that are going to be used with it.  This stores the transmitters code into the receiver memory.  The receive will retain its memory even without power.  The receiver will activate only from these "memorized" transmitters. 

The reievers can operate from 12-30 volts AC or 10.5-30 volts DC and are normally powered from the door opener.  The relay contacts are rated at 5 amps @ 32 volts AC/DC.l

The MegaCode series has an "F" connector for attaching an antenna.  The receiver is supplied with a 9-inch local antenna, a three foot 75 ohm coaxial cable, and a bulkhead connector for mounting the antenna outside the door opener enclosure.


Connect the appropriate wire (Green, Lead #1).  (White #2) to the appropriate activation terminals on the opener.

Connect the red power input wire to the radio power and the black wire to the common terminal on the opener.

Use the screws provided to mount the receiver within the opener housing.  This provides protection from the elements.  

Attach the antenna.

To program the receiver: Momentarily press the receivers program button.  The red programming LED will light.  The LED stays on about 5 seconds.  A transmitter must be entered while the LED is on.  Press the desired trasmitter button.  The LED will flicker indicating that the receiver has accepted the transmitter. 

Add additional transmitters.  

Test the results.

To erase the transmitters from the receiver's memory.  Press and hold the receivers program button until the LED blinks and then blinks again.  Then release the proggram button.  This erases all programmed transmitters.

Test the results.