Understanding Patient Lifts and Lift Slings

Understanding Patient Lifts and Lift Slings

A Patient Lift's main uses are to transport a person with limited mobility to and from a bed, toilet, shower, wheelchair or other type of transport device.  Patient lifts are used in the home, nursing homes and hospitals.  A good patient lift can literally be a life saver for a caregiver and the patient.

Patient lifts can be broken down into a few simple categories.  Electric lifts use motors to help lift and lower the patient while hydraulic lifts require a bit of manual power by the caregiver.  Patient lifts also come in mobile units that are rolled around a room or facility and overhead track lifts which are attached to the ceiling and use a track system to move the patient to predesignated areas.

For most situations, at home, the portable sling lifts or the sit to stand lifts can get the job done. 

The Sit to Stand Lift works for situations where the patient or loved one can move around with some assistance once they are standing, or at a minimum can transfer from a standing position to a wheelchair or rolling shower chair.

The Portable Sling Lifts are best in situations where the patient or loved one is not capable of standing at any time.  These lifts allow the caregiver to lift them off their bed or chair and then move them to another location to use the toilet, sit in a wheelchair, etc.

Portable Sling Lifts are available in hydraulic or electric models.  The hydraulic models are less expensive and work perfectly well when the caregiver in in good physical health.  If the caregiver is elderly or has some physical challenges, the electric model would be best.

Further down this page you will find a guide to choosing the Lift Sling that will work best for your situation.

Our staff at CareProdx.com is knowledgeable and willing to assist with your lift selection.  Please call us at 800-413-3302 Monday thru Friday for assistance.

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