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ADAEZ PRO Battery Power Door Operator Kit

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  • ADAEZ PRO Battery Power Door Operator Kit
  • ADAEZ PRO Battery Power Door Operator Kit
  • ADAEZ PRO Battery Power Door Operator Kit


The Norton ADAEZ PRO Complete 5845xNBP heavy-duty low energy compact door operator kit for push or pull side mounting. Use either as wire free Regenerative Drive Operation for high traffic manual opening applications that occasionally require automatic operation OR hardwired for high traffic applications that require continuous duty. With two RF wireless narrow style push buttons for automatic operation.

As one of the world’s only regenerative power door operators, Norton’s 5800 Series ADAEZ is certified by GreenCircle® to reduce energy consumption by as much as 100 percent versus other comparable operators. Available in wireless and plug-in versions and able to fit in the tightest of spaces, the 5800 ADAEZ is simple to install and use.


How It Works

How does the 5800 Series PRO work without electrical power?

The 5800 Series Pro is an extreme duty, low energy operator designed for moderate to high traffic manual opening applications that occasionally requires powered operation. A regenerative drive system charges an onboard battery pack eliminating the need for electrical power.

The 80/25 guidelines should be applied when ordering this operator. It is recommended that the 5800 Series Pro be used on a door that gets approximately 80 manual cycles or more per day and is used 25% or less automatically.

When applied using the 80/25 guideline this operator will self generate all the power it needs to keep its field replaceable, onboard, battery pack charged for up to 12 years and in some cases longer.

A fully charged battery has the capability to open a door up to 2000 times in a row, generously allowing for periodic fluctuations from 80/25 guidelines with little impact on the product’s overall usability. Example: 30% automatic use for one day is not a problem, as long as that level of automatic use is not sustained.

The 5800 Series PRO can be used outside of the 80/25 parameters. Simply plug the unit into a common 110 VAC electrical outlet using our ADA1015P Hardwire Kit option. The Hardwire Kit is a low voltage plug in transformer and can be added to existing installed field units.


  • Regenerative drive or continuous duty operation
  • Non-handed
  • 95 Degree door opening
  • Push or pull side mounting
  • Wireless stainless steel push buttons
  • Integral RF receiver
  • Shock absorbing arm
  • 24 DC input port




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Warranty Information

Two Year Manufacturers Warranty.
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