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Request To Exit Detector

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PIR "Request to Exit" Detector

'REQUEST TO EXIT' Detectors provide the latest word in design, with a complete list of "high performance" features, including secondary activation device input, door monitoring, two relay outputs, and tamper alarm. Many new programming, installation, and set-up features that have never previously been available.

The CPCM-RQE70 is smaller, so it can easily fit on door frames, and then made installing the detector faster and easier. CM-RQE70 comes with 4 factory default operating modes that can be selected with simple push buttons on the circuit board.

Have an unusual installation and need custom settings? No problem. You can use the on-board push buttons to customize the default operating modes or program your own custom operating mode. CPCM-RQE70 isn't just a new REX detector, it's a whole new approach to REX detector design!

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