ADA Requirements For Doors

"What are ADA door opening requirements" is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at  While ADA compliance is certainly important, many people use the term when searching for residential accessible equipment.  ADA guidelines do not apply to single family residential properties in most areas.

ADA requirements for doors,  (ADA door clearance) consists of an opening with a minimum of 32 inches clearance and a maximum of 48 inches clearance.  The clearance is measured from door stop to door stop.  The door itself when opened must be at 90 degrees to the opening and must not reduce the clearance.

ADA threshold requirements are that the threshold not exceed 3/4".

Even though these ADA guidelines do not apply to residential housing these ADA measurements are a good guideline for your home disability remodeling plans.  It is also good to be aware that Handicap Door Openers are not required by ADA Standards but are a great addition to accessibility.  We offer a line of Light Commercial Handicap Door Openers to fit most needs.

15th Aug 2017 Mark Taylor

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