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Choosing a Rolling Shower Chair for Your Parents

If your aging parents require assistance with bathing it's worth considering investing in a rolling shower chair. These chairs are equipped with wheels that allow for movement from one location to another. They provide a convenient way for your parents to transfer between their bedroom and bathroom ensuring they can shower comfortably and independently.

There are benefits that a rolling shower chair can offer to your parents including;

1. Minimizing the risk of slips. Falls in the bathroom as it is an area where seniors face potential injuries.

2. Promoting hygiene and skin health by enabling thorough and frequent washing.

3. Preserving their dignity and self-esteem by allowing them to maintain care and privacy.

4. Enhancing mobility and independence as they can move around the house without relying on others when accessing the shower.

It's important to note that not all rolling shower chairs are identical. At we offer various types, sizes, and features in a wide price range. Therefore, before making a purchase, for your parents it is advisable to conduct research and compare options available.

When choosing a shower chair, for your parents there are several factors to consider;

1. Size and weight capacity; Start by measuring the space in your parents’ bedroom and bathroom. Ensure that the rolling shower chair can easily fit through doorways and maneuver around furniture. Additionally check that the chair can comfortably and safely support your parents’ weight and height.

2. Wheels and brakes; Look for a shower chair with wheels that roll smoothly on various surfaces like carpet, tile or hardwood. It's also important to have locking brakes in place to prevent any movement or sliding when your parents are transferring or showering.

3. Seat and backrest; Prioritize a shower chair with an ergonomic seat and backrest. These features will provide support for your parents’ posture and body shape. Select chairs with waterproof and easy to clean seats and backrests to prevent pressure sores or infections. Some chairs even offer a cut out seat design allowing your parents to use the toilet without needing to get off the chair.

Consider these other aspects when selecting a shower chair, for your elderly parents.

When choosing a shower chair, for your parents it's important to find one that offers adjustable and removable armrests and footrests. These features will provide them with stability and comfort. The armrests allow for balance and grip during transfers or showers while the footrests offer a way to elevate and rest their legs while seated.

Additionally make sure to prioritize safety features when selecting a shower chair. Look for options that include seat belts, safety nets, backrest straps or headrests. These elements will help ensure your parents stay securely in the chair and minimize the risk of slipping or falling.

Price and warranty are also factors to consider. Take the time to compare options based on cost and the coverage provided by warranties. It's also worth checking customer reviews and satisfaction ratings before making a decision.

By giving thought, to these considerations you'll be able to choose a shower chair that not fits within your budget but also prioritizes your parents health, safety and overall quality of life.

However it's important to ensure that you select the option that aligns with their requirements and preferences. Additionally seeking guidance and suggestions, from their professional, therapist or caregiver can be beneficial. I trust this article assists you in making a informed choice and discovering the rolling shower chair for your aging parents., ?

As always, call us here at for help with your decision.


22nd Feb 2024 Mark

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