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Auto Power Assist Door Opener Kit

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Low Energy Operator

This low energy swing door operator is the perfect solution for barrier-free access applications, offering a true manual door closer experience. Simple and easy to install, this unit provides many features and functions to make existing doors easily accessible.

This medium-duty swing door operator can automate new or existing swing doors with a push plate, wave plate, or other "knowing act" device. This product combines advanced automatic power assist, minimal push forces (as low as ANSI size 1) and reliable closing. Outswing or inswing doors can be adapted for barrier-free access with push, pull, or deep reveal arms suited to a wide variety of door hanging options.


  • Includes wireless wave to open actuators
  • 24 Volts DC internal power supply for accessories
  • 110 Degree door opening angle
  • For doors up to 48" wide and up to 220 lbs.
  • Minimum door width 28"
  • Operates at temperatures between 5 degrees F and 122 degrees F
  • Designed for doors primarily accessed manually


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